Why hire an Edtech Consultant?

As many teachers jump ship from their highly demanding teaching jobs among the Covid pandemic, they are looking for alternative careers. As I monitor comments on Twitter and LinkedIn it is extremely concerning that so many veteran educators are just quitting their jobs without having anything lined up. This shows you how exhausted many of them are with the back and forth of in-person, hybrid, and remote teaching. Many are also frustrated with the political climate, the demand to mask or not mask, or tired of dealing with their supervisors indecisiveness. There are numerous reasons educators are moving on to other careers. Regardless of the reason, many of those that are leaving the teaching profession are looking for guidance to move into the educational technology role.

With over 25 years experience as an educator and 15 years directly related to technology in education, I coach educators in making the transition. If you are interested in a position in one of your favorite edtech companies, I can help you build that bridge to success. I have worked with dozens of edtech companies throughout my career and have a unique perspective that can help guide you to landing that awesome position that aligns with your passion and purpose.

Contact me today at haleedtech@gmail.com to begin the conversation.

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